Integrated Management Systems

Since 1980, IMS has dedicated itself to the Customer.  An outgrowth of this commitment is the most comprehensive Support available.  We support our Customers in a variety of ways, starting with the very first day you select us to be your partner.


On-Site Support

To assure you get off to a good start, we will go to your location to setup the IMS system in your facility (facilities).  In addition, while on-site, we will train the users of the system.  We will also convert data, if necessary, from any system you currently use to IMS.  

It is also important for us to work closely with your hardware and networking vendor to assure an optimal IMS installation on your computer system.  If preferred, we can supply the hardware and network necessary for your system.

And, don't worry, after the initial setup and training of your people, we will be back.  We know that learning a new system requires time as well as a combination of training and hands-on usage.  Therefore, we prefer to visit you a couple of times in the beginning to help you learn the system gradually.


Telephone Support

Once we leave your location, you will have questions.  That is why we offer you unlimited access to our support staff for one full year, at no charge.  This support, along with our on-site training, is all you'll need to become a proficient user of the IMS system.


Remote Support

Sometimes, we need to look at your system to resolve an issue.  We do this with the use of Remote Control software, primarily PCAnywhere and LapLink 2000.  With this software, we can connect via a secure connection directly to your system (with your approval, of course).  This permits us to debug and fix problems quickly.  

To reach Support, you can use any of the following:

(814) 587-3922
          (814) 587-3707
(814) 587-3336
Electronic mail



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